peaceable, peaceful
In general, peaceable means ‘disposed to peace, not quarrelsome’ and refers primarily to people or activities:

• The visitor from beyond the planets would obtain the impression that the Earth is a very peaceable place —New Scientist, 1991.

The adverb peaceably occurs almost as often as the adjective:

• On the whole they lived peaceably and had lots of fellowship together —W. Green, 1988.

The more common word peaceful means ‘characterized by peace, tranquil’ and the notion is more actual than potential:

• The meal was peaceful, but when it was over the doors burst open and in surged a crowd of painters and models who hadn't been invited —J. Rose, 1990.

It can be used to describe a person as well as a situation:

• Sometimes I felt plain scared. I am a peaceful man. I always felt we were a target —Guardian, 2007.

The meanings of peaceable and peaceful overlap rather more with the adverb peacefully:

• The siege ended peacefully and Yacoub was later charged with taking hostages and with illegal possession of a firearm —Keesings, 1990.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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